Welcome Ingrid McCrum!

Ingrid, formerly of Dandelion Salon in Wallingford, has joined the Sugarcomb team!  Please CLICK HERE to use her online scheduling!

A note from Ingrid:

I am so sorry to have deserted you late last year. My son wanted to be born in 2012 rather than his January 2013 due date. Rest assured both baby and mother are healthy and happy. But after these few months I am ready to get back to work!

I just want to let you know I am now working at a new location,
Sugarcomb Salon.
The address is:

780 North 73rd St.
Seattle WA, 98103

My availability will be limited at first; I will be available for appointments Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.
I hope you will try to contact me at:

salon’s phone number: 206.782.5201
request on-line reservations:  here
email me: here
my cell phone: 206.963.0312

You may have found someone else in my absence for your services, and I completely understand if you want to continue going elsewhere and wish you the best!

Happiest regards and I hope to hear from you soon,

Happy Fourth Anniversary Sugarcomb Salon!!

Here is the beautiful and talented staff at Sugarcomb Salon celebrating 4 wonderful years!

Thank you to the local community, the artists, and all of our amazing clients for their business and loyal support over the last four years. We love being a part of this community.

Here’s to 40 more fabulous years!!

Raising a glass to four wonderful years!

Tommy has some hot deals! New client special & Senior Citizen discount!

This week we are featuring Sugarcomb Hair Salon‘s veteran stylist Tommy Mcgillicuddy, and a few great specials he has going!

New clients: Tommy is offering $20 haircut/wash/style for first time clients, if you book your child at the same time they get a cut and style for only $10!

The second is a screaming deal for our lovely Senior Citizen friends. Tommy has over 31 years of experience and really knows his way around a perm rod. If you are a senior, he will give you a wash, perm and a haircut for only $40 (That is over a $100 value!!) So, tell your granny, mom, or the nice lady next door that Tommy is their guy! (Gift certificates available if you would like to give this deal as a gift for a Senior in your life)

Book your appointment with Tommy today:


About Sugarcomb Salon

780 North 73rd Street  Seattle, WA 98103
(206) 782-5201
Sugarcomb Salon is a collective of 6 super stylists and an esthetician team, providing many different services to enhance all of your beauty needs!We carry Kevin.Murphy products and use Redken color to give you the brightest and richest colors imaginable.We offer Brazilian Blowout for only $199, Haircuts, Colors, Foils, Extensions, perms, waxing, facials and more!

Starting in April 2012 we expanded the esthetician room to double the size and added a lot of exciting new services along with adding an awesome new esthetician to the team. Check out the Honeysuckle Spa tab for details and a full menu of those new and updated services and new extended hours!

We have parking for guests and a hot cup of tea waiting for you when you arrive!

Get gorgeous at Sugarcomb Salon!


YELP Reviews:
Paula R: ***** Someone draft a press release… I have news! I’ve had two very successful haircuts in a row by the same person! God bless Sean at Sugarcomb :) Each visit to the salon has been a joy – Sean is super nice and funny and definitely knows his way with some scissors! I’m really glad that my decade long search for an awesome hair dresser has finally come to a successful close.

Anna-Lisa H: ***** HIgh fives all around. Sean is the cat’s pajama’s. He has been cutting my hair since he opened a few years back. He consistently gives a great hair cut. I literally say, “handle it” and he just does. No instructions needed. Also, he’s like some sort of wizard or magician when it comes to coloring. I used to have lovely vibrant red hair. I think my baby stole it during birth, but he has concocted a bottle version that makes me flip my hair like a Vidal Sassoon commercial. He is also adorable and just plain good people. My sister-in-law and mother-in-law are now regulars there too. Bonus points. All this is great and all, BUT it gets more awesomer.
He cut my untamed, wildbeast 2.5 year old son’s hair last week, and it is adorable. He was super-humanly patient, and p.s. my son actually liked him after it was all said and done.
Go there. You will be a happier person for it.

V.S.: ***** Isabella does, hands down, the best color & best value in the city.
And believe me, I’ve tried them ALL.
My hair grows out great, and I can afford to keep it done as often as I like to because Isabella’s prices are fair. Love this woman!

Angela B: **** Great location with free street parking right outside. Super chic beauty salon!
Got a wonderful hair cut, didn’t have to wait at all, and was really impressed with my hair stylist, Tommy. I would definitely recommend this salon, and I am for sure going back! (From Tommy’s Reviews)